Couples Therapy in Wilmington, North Carolina boardwalk to Kure Beach
Couples Therapy in the Outer Banks, North Carolina lighthouse
Couples Therapy in Asheville, North Carolina tunnel on Blue Ridge Parkway
Couples Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina downtown skyline
Couples Therapy in Raleigh, North Carolina downtown skyline

Couples Therapy in

North Carolina

Our primary focus is to provide easy access to couples therapy in North Carolina. Are you located in eastern North Carolina on the coast near Wilmington, Jacksonville, or the Outer Banks? Maybe the complete other side of the state in the mountains of western North Carolina near Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway? Perhaps you’re located in central North Carolina near the Piedmont Triad of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point. The Charlotte Region? Raleigh, Durham, and the Triangle? Pinehurst, Southern Pines, and the Sandhills?


Wherever you are located in North Carolina we’re here to honor your valiant steps toward renewal in your relationship! We provide online couples therapy throughout North Carolina.


What to Expect

You and your partner can expect to feel completely heard, understood, and supported by us in your journey toward the goals you have for your relationship. Throughout couples therapy, we will join you in the areas you feel are important, help you discover how to move toward your goals, and create an environment in couples therapy that optimizes opportunity for success.

You can expect us to seek to truly understand you and your partner where you both feel stuck in your relationship and join you in working to experience the relationship you always dreamed of. Often partners can feel like they are worlds apart. We will prioritize understanding both worlds. We will guide you through experiences to feel truly heard and understood by your partner while creating a safe haven and secure base for your relationship. This often creates a solid foundation for experiencing a connected, fulfilling, and loving relationship that will endure.

You can expect us to come alongside you to accompany you on your journey. When you are unsure on how to begin, or what the next steps are, we will guide you. We will discover these next steps together. We will celebrate with you when you experience success and feel you are making progress. As we celebrate, we will point out, and help to solidify, what you did to experience movement toward your goals. When you have a setback, and feel discouraged, we will be with you in your disappointment. In spite of your setback, we will discover what caused the setback and help you take steps to experience progress again.

Before You Begin

Many couples ask, “What do we need to do to prepare for couples therapy?” The great news is there is nothing you need! There are no books to read, videos to watch, or homework you need to complete. Well, there are a few forms to fill out before your first appointment, but other than that there is nothing else to do.

During Couples Therapy

We specialize in understanding the dynamics present in your relationship, understanding your goals, and providing a clear path for you to get there. You will find that we prioritize and emphasize the experiences you and your partner will have during couples therapy. We do not assign homework to complete in between appointments. The experiences you have in session are designed to shift your relationship toward your goals. Many couples report that they start to experience their relationship differently outside of couples therapy without assignments or homework in between sessions. In fact, we trust the scientific research in this area that these “in the moment” experiences in session provide the best opportunity for couples looking for lasting change in their relationship.

Are you ready to begin couples therapy in North Carolina?