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FAQs at Valiant Couples Therapy

Thank you for your interest in Valiant Couples Therapy. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions we routinely receive at Valiant Couples Therapy.

FAQ at Valiant Couples Therapy

Are you accepting new clients at Valiant Couples Therapy?

Yes, we are accepting new clients for online therapy if you are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Florida. Request an appointment today!

How does therapy work online at Valiant Couples Therapy?

We cover the ins and outs of online therapy at 10 Online Therapy Questions Answered.

How long and how often will we meet at Valiant Couples Therapy?

Sessions are 50 minutes and are usually scheduled once a week. We will correspond with you about a time and day of the week that fits best with both your schedule and the schedule of your therapist. Then, we will reserve that day and time each week specifically for you. We realize that schedules change from time to time, and we will do our best to adjust our schedule to accommodate yours.

We find that weekly sessions are the best for achieving momentum and reaching the goals most have in therapy. Frequency of sessions can be increased or decreased based on your specific needs, preferences, and availability. The overall length of treatment can vary significantly. It is our priority to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, while striving to create deep and lasting change.

What payment options are available at Valiant Couples Therapy?

Payment options include all major credit, debit, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards. Payments are processed through our fully PCI-compliant payment system in our online client portal. Fees for each session are due at the time of service. Depending on the therapist, the service fee will range. Access the fees for our therapists and real-time appointment availability here.

Do you take insurance at Valiant Couples Therapy?

We are considered out-of-network for all insurance providers, and do not bill insurance directly. However, we can provide you with a “superbill” at the end of each month that rolls up the investment you made in therapy with all the necessary codes the insurance companies want to see. You can use this document to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

A benefit of using insurance is you may pay less out of pocket for therapy after you meet your deductible.

Some benefits for not using insurance are:

  • you do not require a mental health diagnosis to receive therapy

  • you are not limited to a specific number of sessions

  • you have greater freedom to choose the therapist that is the best fit for you

  • you have increased privacy and confidentiality

If you are considering using insurance we encourage you to contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage. The following questions may be helpful to ask:

  • Do I have mental health coverage?

  • Is telemedicine/telehealth/online therapy covered?

  • How many sessions are covered?

  • What coverage is available for out-of-network providers?

Still have questions?

Services at Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Our team in our Fuquay Varina counseling clinic specializes in couples & marriage counseling throughout North Carolina and Florida. Couples & marriage counseling is not the only service we offer. Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling provides individual therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, couples intensives, Christian marriage counseling, online therapy, and couples workshops.


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