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How Does Emotionally Focused Therapy Help?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an effective way to improve your relationship. EFT helps couples understand what drives frustration and disconnection. Behind most struggling relationships is a pattern of misunderstanding and unmet needs. Once this pattern is discovered, Emotionally Focused Therapy helps couples disrupt and change this pattern. Disrupting and changing this pattern provides the opportunity to experience your relationship in a new way. You can experience understanding, connection, and fulfillment in your relationship. This provides the possibility to now find new solutions to old problems, and helps sustain long-lasting change in your relationship.

Loving couple after learning how emotionally focused therapy helps their marriage.

Learn More About EFT.

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your marriage or relationship, consider learning more about EFT. EFT focuses on understanding and sharing emotions rather than trying to push them aside or control them. You can improve communication and build stronger bonds by learning to identify and express emotions. When conversations and arguments become intense couples tend to express the hard emotions of anger and defensiveness. Some couples can disengage altogether when this happens. An EFT therapist helps couples understand what fuels those hard emotions. An EFT therapist then helps couples share those softer emotions underneath the hard emotions.

Understand The Benefits of EFT For Relationships.

EFT has been used successfully by couples and individuals for decades to improve relationships. It works because it helps couples understand themselves and helps couples understand each other. EFT helps couples to understand the pattern of disconnection in their relationship, and helps couples connect more effectively. Research shows that Emotionally Focused Therapy helps more than 70% of couples treated move from distress to recovery. Approximately 90% of couples treated show significant improvements in their relationship!

Discover How to Apply EFT In Your Relationship.

EFT is an effective technique for understanding emotions and improving communication between partners. Your EFT therapist will help kick start a natural growth process within. This will help improve your relationship even between sessions. Emotionally Focused Therapy helps improve many areas of life. When you experience yourself, your partner, and your relationship in a new way this can also improve your overall outlook. When our most important relationship goes well it provides a secure base to launch from into the daily grind of life. It also provides a safe haven to retreat to when life gets hard.

Learn Why You Should Find an EFT therapist.

If you’re feeling frustrated with your partner, you might find yourself getting angry at them. Or maybe you’re just not connecting with each other anymore. In either case, it makes sense to take steps to improve your relationship. One option is to seek professional help from someone who specializes in Emotionally Focused Therapy. A qualified EFT therapist will teach you how to understand your emotions. They will help you understand your partner’s emotions. Most importantly, they will help you reconnect with each other in the way you always dreamed of.

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