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Top Reasons Why Couples Do Well in Online Therapy

Online therapy has revolutionized the way couples attend marriage counseling. It's no longer necessary for the couple to be in the same physical space as the marriage counselor. The couple and marriage counselor can meet via secure video from any location in the state where their marriage counselor is licensed. From its convenience to greater flexibility, online therapy opens up new possibilities for couples looking for guidance and help.

Smiling couple using laptop on kitchen table for online therapy marriage counseling.

Couples therapy and marriage counseling is more accessible now than ever before due to online therapy. Many couples find online therapy a very effective way to improve their relationship. Couples experience healing, growth, and movement toward their goals. Many couples prefer online therapy to meeting in a physical counseling office. Find out what the top reasons are to why couples do well with online therapy and why many prefer it to in-person therapy.

Connecting online is common place in a variety of settings.

Connecting online with friends and family is now more common place than ever. Apps like FaceTime or other online platforms make this possible. This is true even for those who struggle with technology. Gone are the days when only a select few navigated online meetings. A lack of online platforms used to limit online connection. Skype and other early platforms were the only options to face-to-face personal interaction. More platforms became available and were easier to use. More people began connecting online with their friends and family.

Then the pandemic took these platforms and forced them into the mainstream. Everyone got pushed into adopting online, face-to-face interaction. People connected more online with friends and family. The business world was also forced to adopt online meetings. Online platforms responded and continued to improve their offerings. Now connecting online is common place.

Couples find online couples therapy and marriage counseling an easy next step. They are already connecting like this in other areas of their lives. Connecting online is now a tool many couples use to improve their relationship. Many come to prefer online therapy to in-person counseling.

Online therapy integrates better into daily life.

Couples report what they learn in session is easier to adapt into their daily life more. Online therapy occurs in a private place of your choosing. Often this is in a room at home, or a very familiar place. Online therapy can prevent couples therapy from feeling compartmentalized.

Some struggle to connect what happens in the counseling office to what happens in daily life. The online therapy experience takes place in the couples’ regular environment. It is more connected to their daily routine. This leaves couples integrating their experience into their everyday life with greater ease.

Online therapy provides flexible scheduling.

Couples find online therapy easier to schedule. Walking to another room saves a lot of time when compared to driving to a physical counseling office. This is especially true with traffic and the uncertainty of more congested areas of the city. This provides more flexibility for scheduling couples therapy and marriage counseling.

More appointment times are now available for couples when they don't need to drive. This leads to more consistent participation in couples therapy and marriage counseling. This creates momentum toward reaching goals and experiencing change. Experiencing change is the whole reason for starting counseling in the first place!

Online therapy provides a larger pool of specialists.

Online couples therapy and marriage counseling provides a larger pool of specialists. No longer is the search focused on the area that is a reasonable driving distance from home or work. Now the pool of specialists in couples therapy and marriage counseling expands to the whole state where the therapist holds a license!

Not every therapist specializes in couples therapy and marriage counseling. Often, it is a challenge to find a true specialist close to home or work. Many therapists see a variety of clients. Few are true specialists in couples therapy and marriage counseling. Online therapy provides a large pool of specialists. The search expands to couples therapy and marriage counseling in North Carolina. No longer is the search kept to the small, local area. Now the possibility of finding a true specialist is more of a reality.

Counseling Services at Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Online therapy isn’t the only service we offer in our Fuquay Varina counseling clinic. Other mental health services we provide include individual therapy, couples and marriage counseling, Emotionally Focused Therapy, couples intensives, Christian marriage counseling, and couples workshops.


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