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Help Your Relationship with Marriage Counseling in Winston-Salem, NC

Are you and your spouse struggling to maintain your connection?


A marriage counselor in Winston-Salem can help restore balance and improve communication. With the help of an experienced professional, couples can find strategies for conflict resolution, build trust, and enjoy a strong bond once again.

Look for an Experienced Marriage Therapist in Winston-Salem

When it comes to finding a marriage counselor in Winston-Salem, look for one who is experienced and specializes in marriage counseling. The counselor should be familiar with the most current approaches and techniques available that benefits couples, as well as have specific experience with couples’ issues. It’s also important to find a therapist who you both feel comfortable talking to. Take time to get to know your potential marriage counselor. Read through their website and take advantage of a free phone consultation. This will help to ensure they are a good fit for you and help enable honest conversations.

Couple in marriage counseling in Winston-Salem, NC.

Make Sure the Professional You Choose Has Specialization in Marriage Counseling

It is especially important to select a counselor who specializes in couples counseling. This professional should have deep knowledge and practice of the skills needed to help couples identify and address problem areas in their relationship. They should be familiar with tools and techniques, such as communication exercises, conflict resolution strategies, and emotional regulation capabilities that can help individuals move through difficult issues. An experienced marriage counselor will know to look at the deeper issues in your marriage and not just act as a referee for arguments. They should work to help you resolve these deeper issues that make smaller issues big disagreements. A marriage counselor who has specialization in couples therapy can help you repair your relationship while also helping you both become better communicators.

Establish Clear Expectations by Discussing Objectives and Goals

Before beginning any counseling sessions, it’s important to establish clear objectives and goals for the process. This ensures that both partners have realistic expectations into what counseling can offer for their relationship. What do you want to accomplish with your marriage counselor? How will you know when the process is successful? Answering these questions will help your therapist focus on what is most important to you. Questions about desired outcomes, time-frames for progress, and coping strategies can be beneficial in discussing goals and setting expectations. By looking back at your relationship patterns together with your counselor, you can begin to identify difficulty areas and strategies on how to move forward.

Holding hands during marriage counseling in Winston-Salem, NC.

Choose a Marriage Counselor That Tailors Services to Your Needs

When choosing a marriage counselor in Winston-Salem, it is important to find someone who takes an individual approach to therapy and meets your couple’s needs. It’s beneficial to be completely honest with your counselor and both partners should come prepared to discuss difficulties you are experiencing. They will work to get an understanding of the path which brought you to marriage counseling. Your counselor also will discuss relapse prevention techniques with each of you so you have guidelines and strategies on how to manage future conflicts and situations.

Find an Experienced Marriage Counselor Qualified to Assist with Conflict Resolution Techniques

Look for a marriage/relationship therapist who is certified to provide evidence-based psychological treatment and is knowledgeable in the latest approaches. These approaches need to not only be evidence-based, but should also be validated with outcome research. A great approach that is both evidence-based with outcome research is Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT). The American Psychological Association designated EFT as the “gold standard” for couples therapy. Your marriage counselor should be familiar with a variety of conflict resolution techniques, including mediating, skilled communication styles, gender roles, nonverbal communication, and anger management. EFT addresses all of these. Additionally, the counselor should focus on strategies which are tailored specifically to your needs as a couple.

Next steps for marriage counseling in Winston-Salem, NC.

What is keeping you from helping your marriage in Winston-Salem, NC?

We don't have time for counseling

Save time with online counseling. We offer online counseling from the comfort of a private place of your choosing. Put some time back in your schedule by not traveling to a counseling office. No need to fight traffic or drive across town for your appointment.

We don't live close to Fuquay Varina, NC

We provide online counseling for this reason as well. Do you live in Winston-Salem, NC or the surrounding area? Our team of counselors provide couples & marriage counseling in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

We have a lot of questions

It makes sense to have a lot of questions before beginning counseling. We provide answers to many of the frequently asked questions couples ask. If you do not see your question answered please feel free to contact us.

Begin Couples and Marriage Counseling in Winston-Salem, NC

You don’t always have to struggle in your relationship. Get help with communication problems, disconnection, and conflict in your relationship. You can help to renew your relationship and move toward your goals. Our hope is that you will experience your relationship in the way you always dreamed of.


Our online counseling clinic has expert counselors. They specialize in couples and marriage counseling. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Request an appointment at Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling.

  2. Meet with one of our caring couples and marriage counselors.

  3. Take your valiant first step to renew your relationship. Begin to reconnect with your partner, and find joy in your relationship again.

Other Counseling Services at Valiant Couples Therapy

Couples & marriage counseling isn't the only service we offer in our online counseling clinic. Other mental health services Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling provide include individual therapyEmotionally Focused Therapy, couples intensives, Christian marriage counselingonline therapy, and couples workshops.

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