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Christian Marriage Counseling

You long to experience your marriage the way God intended it, but it feels out of reach. You have a strong desire to glorify God with your marriage, but you argue all the time with your spouse.
You never imagined your marriage would feel like this, but here you are. You never thought you would consider divorce or separation. You never want to consider this, but something must change.
You want a Christian counselor near you to help with your marriage.
You are looking for someone you can trust.
 We provide Christian marriage counseling in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

We specialize in Christian marriage counseling.

You found the right place if you are looking for Christian marriage counseling. We are a team of therapists and counselors who also have a strong, personal Christian faith. As Christian counselors, faith is a foundational part of our personal lives. This guides every session. One of our greatest joys is to help couples experience their marriage in the way they always dreamed of. We work to shift your marriage to experience the way God created couples to connect. We describe this in our article about How to Experience Garden of Eden Moments in your marriage.

Bible and wedding rings for christian marriage counseling in NC and FL

Our Christian marriage counseling approach is consistent with Scripture.

We use God’s truth to help couples move toward the goals for their marriage. We join you in this sacred space where God is present to provide healing and direction in marriage. We use an approach to marriage counseling that is consistent with what Scripture teaches about what makes a marriage work. Over the past 30 years science discovered these truths. Science finally realized what God created from the beginning, and validated what we already knew to be true. Our approach is consistent with the Scripture and is also scientifically-validated.

Sitting with a bible and coffee by lake after Christian marriage counseling in North Carolina.
happy couple hugging in blanket after christian marriage counseling

Even the best
Christian marriages struggle.

You are not alone! Many Christian couples struggle with connection, communication, and conflict management. Unfortunately, Christian couples can also experience betrayal and mistrust. Our strategy is to look for the pattern that is preventing healing and rebuilding trust. The pattern that created disconnection. The pattern that is enabling poor communication. The pattern that makes conflict management difficult. We help couples identify this pattern. We work to shift this negative pattern into a positive one. We will work to help you experience a pattern that creates true connection and healing. This pattern will also help create better communication and effective conflict management.

How will Christian marriage counseling help my marriage?

Our goal is to provide you an opportunity to experience your marriage in the way God intended. What a wonderful example we see in Adam and Eve’s relationship shortly after creation. The Scriptures describe how they were completely open with each other. They experienced connection and vulnerability with each other. They did not need to protect parts of themselves from each other. In fact, the Scriptures state they were “naked and unashamed.” There was safety in their relationship. There was complete trust in their relationship. There was deep connection in their relationship.

The qualities of Adam and Eve’s interaction with each other created a strong foundation. This foundation made it possible to feel heard, understood, and valued by each other.

They accepted each other for who they were.

They were able to be vulnerable with each other.

Their ability to be vulnerable was the most important quality that grew out of this foundation.

They experienced their relationship as a secure base. They could launch from this secure base into the world.

They also experienced their relationship a safe haven. They could retreat to each other in this safe haven in times of need.


What a wonderful experience this must have been! We strive to provide a way for couples to experience their marriage with these qualities. The qualities found in Adam and Eve's relationship in the Garden of Eden. These qualities improve marriages. They also work to help with disconnection and hurt that can lead to divorce.

Christian booklet titled you are loved at Christian marraige counseling

You set the tone for Christian marriage counseling.

You set the tone for how much faith we discuss each session. Some may prefer not discussing faith at all, and some may want it woven into every session. Both is okay, and we adjust to you. We acknowledge your faith identity is difficult to separate from your personal experience. Your faith is a part of your everyday interaction with the world. It shows up in the midst of how you experience each day. Christian faith is an important part of your life. It makes sense you are looking for Christian marriage counseling.

Our goal is to help couples experience their marriage the way God intended marriage to be. God showed us what this could be like in the Garden of Eden before sin entered into the world.

Christian marriage counseling helps with vulnerability.

Couples experience how protecting their vulnerability creates a pattern of disconnection. This pattern is difficult to stop. We offer a safe environment where you can work at stopping this pattern of disconnection. We do this by applying a structure to each Christian marriage counseling session. This structure helps each spouse to explore some of their softer emotions. These softer emotions are usually covered up by the harder emotions of protection. Harder emotions of protection come across as anger and frustration. Hard emotions push spouses away from each other. When marriages struggle spouses seem to only experience their spouse’s hard emotions. This prevents couples from experiencing marriage the way God created us to connect. A deep, fulfilling connection can almost seem like an impossibility.

Adam and Eve were vulnerable, yet unashamed. This created a deep connection. This created a thriving relationship. This is where you can find yourselves the most fulfilled in your marriage. Christian marriage counseling helps to shift your marriage toward this goal.

Romantic walk in sunset after Christian marriage counseling in North Carolina.

Looking to shift your marriage to experience it in the way God created you to connect with your spouse? Let us help!

Begin Christian Marriage Counseling in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Florida today.

You don’t always have to struggle in your marriage. Get help with communication problems, disconnection, and conflict in your marriage. You can help to renew your marriage and move toward your goals. Our hope is that you will experience your marriage in the way God intended it and the you always dreamed of.


Our Fuquay-Varina counseling clinic has expert counselors serving clients virtually in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. They specialize in couples and marriage counseling. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Request an appointment at Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling.

  2. Meet with one of our caring couples and marriage counselors.

  3. Take your valiant first step to renew your relationship. Begin to reconnect with your partner, and find joy in your relationship again.

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Couples & marriage counseling isn't the only service we offer in our Fuquay Varina counseling clinic. Other mental health services Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling provides include individual therapyEmotionally Focused Therapy, couples intensives, couples & marriage counselingonline therapy, and couples workshops.

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