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Couples 2-Day Marriage Intensives

The intensive approach is designed for couples looking to move quickly and go deep in their relationship in a short amount of time. 

High achieving couple reaching the summit while backpacking after participating in a couples intensives at a fuquay varina nc counseling clinic

Will a Couples Intensive Improve My Relationship?

​Not all couples will benefit from this format, but couples who can relate to the descriptions below seem to benefit the most from this approach. Do you see your relationship described?

  • Couples whose marriage is in crisis, but both are willing to commit to working on the marriage in order to try to prevent divorce.

  • Couples who do the logistics of life together well, but feel more like roommates than connected, loving partners.

  • Couples who desire a deeply connected marriage, but feel very disconnected and just can't seem to stop fighting.

  • Couples with demanding schedules that prevent regular therapy sessions.

  • Couples willing to set aside a block of time with the goal of restoring their marriage.

The 2-Day Couples Intensive Format

  • Two consecutive days of therapy that includes morning and afternoon sessions. This option is a great way to step into couples therapy in order to create significant progress or speed up progress towards a goal you are already working towards. Designed for you to experience the results of two month's worth of weekly therapy sessions in just two days.*

  • Morning and afternoon sessions include breaks with a midday break for lunch.

Your 2-Day Couples Intensive can be in-person or online from a private place of your choosing. 


In-Person Couples Intensive

The in-person couples intensive location is in Durham, NC. The Durham location is about 10-15 minutes from the really cool downtown area. Couples have found its proximity to downtown Durham a great getaway location with all of its restaurants and other trendy attractions. I will have water, coffee (yay caffeine), and snacks on hand throughout the day for in-person intensives. 


Online Couples Intensive

The online couples intensive are for couples physically located in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida through the encrypted conferencing platform Zoom for Healthcare. Zoom for Healthcare supplies additional online security for Telehealth counseling sessions. The online option allows for you to choose a private place where you feel most comfortable without the hassle of traveling to an office.


The Couples Intensive Schedule

The goal is to meet for five to six hours each day. We will meet together for two to three hours in the morning, take a break for about an hour for lunch, and then meet together again for two to three hours in the afternoon. The schedule is meant to be more flexible than rigid in order to shift towards your needs throughout the day.

A Couples Intensive is Not for All Couples

A focused, intense approach to couples therapy is not appropriate for all couples. Couples experiencing the following are not candidates for this approach:

  • One partner wants to work on the marriage and the other partner does not.

  • One or both partners are in active addition.

  • One partner is involved in an ongoing affair.

  • Active domestic violence is present in the relationship. If you do not feel safe please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).

Other Counseling Services at Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Couples Intensives are not the only service we offer in our Fuquay Varina counseling clinic. Other mental health services Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling provides include Emotionally Focused Therapycouples & marriage counseling, individual therapy, Christian marriage counseling, online therapy, and couples workshops.

*As with any approach to therapy results are not guaranteed.

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