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Will Online Therapy Work?

Online therapy, or Telehealth, is becoming an increasingly popular way to receive mental health support. There are several benefits of online therapy. It is a viable option for people seeking help with mental health and relationship issues. Online therapy is a great option for both individual and marriage counseling.

An online therapist providing online therapy at Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling in North Carolina and Florida.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is counseling that occurs over an internet-connected device such as a computer, laptop, or mobile phone. It provides individuals with access to mental health professionals who deliver care online. Online therapy can also include the use of face-to-face interactive interventions to improve well-being. These services allow for convenient and discreet access to help from any location where you have access to the internet. There is no need to travel to a physical office. Many report this is a helps with consistent sessions due to increased flexibility. This flexibility comes from more scheduling options when travel time to a physical office is no longer needed.

Types of Online Counseling Platforms Available.

There are currently many different types of online counseling platforms available. These platforms range from text and chat-based conversations to video calls and audio calls. Online therapists use a variety of different platforms. The type of platform you choose will depend on your needs and preferences. Some people prefer having the ability to speak directly with a therapist. Others may find it easier to communicate in writing. This makes it important to evaluate the options and determine which one is right for you. Many couples therapists and marriage counselors recommend video calls. Video calls seem to be the best option for couples therapy and marriage counseling.

Benefits of Online Therapy Over Traditional Therapy.

Online therapy provides many potential benefits over traditional, in-person counseling. Increased convenience, flexibility in scheduling and location, anonymity, and greater access to mental health services are all great benefits. Online therapy also provides greater access to specialists in the field. Many find themselves needing to travel for true expertise. Finding a therapist who specializes in couples therapy and marriage counseling can be a challenge. Online therapy is especially helpful for those who have difficulty accessing traditional therapy. This beneficial for those living in remote areas or those with disabilities. Research also suggests that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. Online therapy is an option worth considering for managing mental health and relationship issues.

What to Look Out for When Choosing an Online Therapist.

When selecting an online therapist there are a few items to consider. It's important to look for someone who has experience, education, a state license, and credentials in the relevant fields. It’s also essential to ensure that any connection over the internet is protected. Platforms that meet industry standards for online therapy and telehealth is a must. Ask your online therapist how the platform they use meets these standards. This helps to ensure the information shared with your online therapist is protected. Your confidentiality is of upmost importance.

Preparing Yourself for an Online Therapy Session.

Preparing yourself or an online therapy session is important. Creating a comfortable space, free of distractions, is key. Children and pets are wonderful. They may become distractions that interfere with effectiveness of your online therapy session. It is also important to choose a private space where you can ensure your confidentiality. You are responsible for this at the physical location on your end of the connection. Public spaces and parked vehicles are not the best option. Your location should also provide the best audio and video connection possible. It is helpful to close all applications on your device other than the one you are using for online therapy. It is also helpful to position yourself close to your WiFi router or connect to your router with cord. Finally, ensure that others connected to your router are not using a lot of bandwidth. This will help with the best connection possible for your online therapy session.

Counseling Services at Valiant Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Online therapy isn’t the only service we offer in our Fuquay Varina counseling clinic. Other mental health services we provide include individual therapy, couples and marriage counseling, Emotionally Focused Therapy, couples intensives, Christian marriage counseling, and couples workshops.


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